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Has Your NPS Fallen & Can’t Get Up? Try Sharpening Your Axe

We can debate the merits of Net Promoter System (NPS) and whether it is the most effective and accurate measure of customer loyalty, but for many in-house and outsourced call centers, NPS has been selected as the customer loyalty metric, and that’s just the way it is. Love it or hate it, NPS is the […]

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Help Your Customer Service Agents Boost Net Promoter Score

In my blog post last week, “Is Your Call Quality Sheet Capping Your Net Promoter Score?”, I wrote about how the typical call center call quality sheet encourages mediocre call quality and a lackluster customer experience.  This is because the typical call center call quality process is anchored in the customer service agent’s compliance with […]

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Why First Call Resolution May Not Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Scores or NPS Scores

Of course, your first call resolution numbers are very important to you and your call centre.  After all, you have worked very hard to achieve your first call resolution targets. Not only will good first call resolution results save your company money, they also suggest a better outcome for your customer.  So it just follows […]

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Net Promoter Score – Nothin’ But Net!

Another season of March Madness is upon us!  For the next three weeks, sports fans throughout the United States will be tuned into the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament and basketball fever will be in full swing.  Games and tournament brackets (and wagers) will be closely monitored.  Favorite teams will be cheered on.  The road to […]

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Playing Only to Net Promoter Score (NPS) Promoters: Good Business or Risky Venture?

Recently, I came across an interview of Rob Markey, co-author of the Ultimate Question 2.0, about the current state of the Net Promoter Score movement.  The interviewer, Peter Fader, is the co-director of The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative and a Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School.  In the course of their discussion, they spoke […]

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Driving Net Promoter Score & Brand Loyalty: Is It the Car or the Driver that Wins the Race?

We are not Formula One racing experts, nor are we really even fans of the sport, but we are aware of the long-standing debate in the racing community among experts and fans about whether it’s the car or the driver that makes the difference between finishing first and anywhere else in the field. Some believe […]

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Driving NPS – The Three “Must-Dos”

We enjoy working with companies that use a robust NPS measuring system.  When measured effectively, NPS can give a company quick feedback on initiatives designed to improve customer loyalty. Today’s customers have power.  It is not uncommon for customers to post feedback in real time.  In the middle of a meal, a restaurant customer can […]

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Brand Promise Delivered as Net Promoter Score Rises Dramatically

Customer loyalty is built and sustained on the front line, in those daily interactions that take place between front line employees and the customer, who is often calling only because they have an issue or a problem with the company’s product or service.  The problem is the vast majority of these interactions, and the systems […]

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Golden Touchpoint™ Delivers Brand Promise & Creates Loyal Promoters

Companies face tough customer service issues – how to sync their systems and processes to the whole idea of customer and brand loyalty, what to do to light a fire in their own employees to care about the loyalty issue as they interact with customers, and how to proactively demonstrate to their customers that a […]

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Net Promoter Score is the Starting Point – Behavior Drives It Higher

According to the latest research from the Corporate Executive Board, customer loyalty is the best indicator of future customer economic behavior and business profitability.  It is completely logical that an investment analyst would take Net Promoter Score into consideration when conducting due diligence and generating projections relating to a company’s profitability. The comment about the […]

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Social Media & Excellent Customer Service – It’s Social!

Excellent customer service is now and always has been Social Media. The difference between now and then is that the speed, depth and breadth of communications has put a lot more power in the customer’s hands.  If a customer is treated poorly, millions of people around the world may find out about it within seconds […]

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It’s Emotional! Customer Emotions Drive NPS

It’s Emotional! Net Promoter Score is an emotional score.  Whether or not a person recommends a product, service or company to his family or friends is an emotional decision. I believe there are three components that together drive customer service.  First (and most obviously), the customer has a practical product-related need.  Second, whether he realizes […]

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Net Promoter Companies & Engaged Employees

Busyness versus Productivity and Performance In our consulting experiences, we have come across many organizations that are chock-full of busy people.  Especially during the past several years, individual workloads seem to have doubled with downsizing and rightsizing – more work is having to get done by fewer people.  This inundation of work creates a great deal of […]

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Reengineering Excellent Customer Service

This is an excellent article extolling the virtues of excellent customer service.  I worked in the telecommunications industry for six years, and the customer service reputation of the particular company I worked for was horrible – our Net Promoter Score was actually in negative territory. Like many other organizations, this company did not fully consider excellent […]

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What about those Loyal Promoters & Your Sales?

Doesn’t it seem odd that many companies will not hesitate to spend millions of dollars on marketing or celebrity endorsements, but at the same time, they consider their Customer Service function or the Customer Service Call Center as a cost-center, not a profit center? Celebrity endorsers rarely talk to actual customers other than through a […]

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