Strategic & Organizational Development

Strategic-Organizational-Development-Management-Coaching-Leadership-DevelopmentPretium understands the importance of the strategic development process and how vision and strategy define the value an organization brings to its customers.  Pretium works with you to create a results-driven strategy that ensures the success of your organization for both the short and long term.   We work with senior leaders to capture the organization’s optimal value.  We create a comprehensive plan to get there from here, and then transition your plan into a results-oriented vision and strategy so you and your team can connect the dots.

Once fully developed, the strategy must dovetail with all department goals and ultimately reach individual employees.  A strategy remains static and elusive until it is played out in team and individual performance across the organization.  Our Performance Management Program builds total alignment from top to bottom in a unique process that converts an organization’s strategy into metric-focused department, team and individual employee performance goals.  The end game of our performance management yields individual performance expectations as well as employee engagement, ownership and accountability.  Each employee has a full understanding of how his daily work and interactions drives the brand promise and adds value to the overall organizational strategy and success.