Loyal Promoters

build-customer-loyalty-consumer-loyaltyLoyalty is the best indicator of future customer economic behavior and profitability.  Loyalty means customers will engage in repeated buying cycles and, if they have the opportunity, expand their buying choices with the company or brand.  By building loyalty, a company in turn creates and retains Promoters. A Promoter is a customer who openly and proactively promotes a company’s brand, products or services to friend and family and gladly returns repeatedly to buy from that company.

Any customer who is not a Promoter falls into one of two camps: Passive or Detractor.  A Passive is a customer who has invested little or no real commitment to or passion toward a company, its brand, products or services.  A Detractor is a purchaser who has had a real or perceived poor experience with the company, its products or services and actively shares their poor experience with others.

The effective blending of the concepts of loyalty and promotion in the context of the customer experience creates dynamic customer behaviors and outcomes for a company.  The customer will continue to buy the company’s products and services and proactively recommend the company, its brand, products and services to others.

Pretium facilitates the creation and retention of these customers – we refer to them as Loyal Promoters.

A company creates a Loyal Promoter after the sale of a product or service from a series of touchpoints between the customer and the company.  Specifically, what transpires during the Service Touchpoint is critical in determining whether a customer will choose to be a Loyal Promoter or instead becomes a Passive, or worse, a Detractor.  Loyal Promoters must be purposefully created and the customer mindset steered in this direction because customers do not start from a place of loyalty and promotion.  Loyal Promoters are produced as a direct result of interaction with a company’s customer-facing employees, who intentionally and proactively apply a specific set of learned skills and behaviors during the Service Touchpoints.