Employee Brand Promoters & A New Customer Service Conversation

 Employee-Promoters-Customer-Service-Customer-Loyalty-Customer-Experience-Brand-Promise-Net-Promoter-ScoreTrying to improve the typical customer service conversation is like trying to build a better typewriter.  Achieving better customer service performance to increase customer loyalty metrics or sales metrics requires the construction and implementation of an entirely New Customer Service Conversation between the customer service agent and the customer.  Processes and systems must be fully integrated and aligned with front-line employee behavior intentionally navigating each customer interaction with a proactive and intentional customer service conversation which is all about the customer and his entire set of needs – A New High-Value Conversation, not the old, worn out system with just a new coat of paint.

Typical customer service programs and customer service training focus on helping customer service agents become nicer, more pleasant, more effective and efficient in and with the typical customer service conversation.  But, this focus on soft skills fails to move the needle on your customer experience or sales metrics.  Even if you resolve a customer’s practical problem or issue, it doesn’t drive your customer experience metrics or numbers higher.