Supervisor & Quality Assurance Certification

The Golden Touchpoint™ Supervisor & QA Certification 

Supervisors play a critical role in the success of any change initiative, especially one that involves front-line behaviors with customers.  They must be able to support the front-line employees in their growth toward implementing the Golden Touchpoint™  and creating Loyal Promoters.

Supervisors and Quality Assurance (“QA”) will participate in a special version of the Golden Touchpoint™.  They will learn a new set of coaching skills designed and created specifically for the  Golden Touchpoint™.  They will be challenged to use the same customer experience connection techniques and skills with customer service representatives that the customer service representatives learn to apply with customers.  These specific methods and customer experience connection skills will allow the Supervisors to be effective coaches and equip them to serve as behavioral role models to the customer service representatives.

As a result of participating in the Golden Touchpoint™ Supervisor & QA Certification, Supervisors will coach and motivate customer service representatives to continuously improve their skills to create Loyal Promoters.  Participants will learn coaching, motivation and accountability skills and then immediately practice them in the context of role-playing exercises.  An online testing component is administered immediately after the class is complete.  A score of 80% is required to continue the path to the Golden Touchpoint™ Supervisor & QA Certification.

The Golden Touchpoint™ Supervisor & QA Certification is earned after Supervisors successfully demonstrate application of coaching, motivation and accountability skills.  Golden Touchpoint™ Certification is verified by the Pretium Master Facilitator Coach and Internal Golden Touchpoint™ Project Manager.