Creating Profitable Customer Service in the Telecom Industry

This Webinar will show you how to create a Profitable Customer Service Experience that builds loyal customers and delivers customer loyalty. 

We’ll address the typical, tired Customer Service Interaction, which does not drive Customer Loyalty and Brand Loyalty, and we’ll show you how to fundamentally change the Customer Interaction and reengineer your Customer Experience with a deliberate New Customer Service Conversation and structured experience to create real Customer Loyalty. Webinar Highlights:

  • Learn a proactive intentional New Customer Service Conversation for all customer service representatives & customer-facing employees to deliver great customer service
  • Go beyond the basic, typical Customer Experience soft skills
  • Create a Low-Effort Customer Experience for customers with efficient resolution
  • Identify and meet customers’ emotional needs tied to their practical problem or issue
  • Reengineer your Customer Interaction to drive Customer Loyalty


  • Understand the proper place for company systems & processes during the Customer Interaction
  • Create value for your customer
  • Create value for your company by creating Loyal Promoters for the company, its products & its brand
Results & Benefits:
  • Excellent Customer Service to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Customer Loyalty & Brand Loyalty ROI
  • Operational ROI
    • First Contact Resolution
    • Net Promoter Score & Other Metrics
    • Average Handle Time
    • Cross Selling
    • Customer Retention
    • Employee Engagement
    • Loyal Promoters
Jack Dempsey, CEO, Pretium Solutions
Tammy Roberts, Call & Contact Center Operations Expert
Recent Career Highlights include:
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Liberty Mutual, Comcast & Charter Communications