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Navigating the Customer Loyalty Highway: Avoiding a Crash from Negative Customer Emotions & Effort

Customer experience research from the Customer Contact Council tells us that reducing customer effort is a critical component in building customer loyalty.  The more actual, or even perceived, effort customers must invest in the customer experience, the lower the chances they will start or continue down the road toward product, brand or company loyalty – […]

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3 Resolutions for Excellent Customer Service in 2012

Well, the ribbons are barely off the holiday packages and we are still digesting the last of the figgy pudding, so that means it must be time for us to fill the air with lots of resolutions for 2012. In these waning days of 2011, we hear much pontificating on those things that will make […]

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Call Center Agents are Your Brand! Call Center Identity Crisis (Part 2)

In today’s wired world the demand for excellent customer service is ever increasing.  Customers have a louder voice today than they ever have.  One poor interaction with a customer can create a ripple effect that costs you profits and customers. Think about the last time you thought about doing business with a company.  If you’re […]

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Call Center Identity Crisis: What is Your Call Center Trying to Tell You About Your Brand Solution? (Part 1)

Help!!!  I have an identity crisis.  You keep calling me a Call Center, and that’s not really what I am.  I believe I am your Brand Solution Profit Center. I think it’s time we talk.  Please step into my office and stay awhile. Now, our Call Center is a place that is set away from […]

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Leadership Skills or Behavior? The True Lessons From the Race to the South Pole

In Kishore Sengupta and Ludo Van der Heyden’s HBR blog article “Leadership Lessons of the Race to the South Pole,” they recap the conquest of the South Pole exactly 100 years ago and explore the leadership lessons learned from the famous race between two great explorers, Norway’s Roald Amundsen and Britain’s Robert Scott. Sengupta and […]

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Deconstructing the Screams – The Emotional Component of Customer Service Skills

A few days ago, I was drinking my morning coffee, skimming through my internet news updates when two headlines struck me – “Temper Tantrum Study: Children’s Episodes Involve Intertwined Feelings Of Anger, Sadness” and “What’s Behind A Temper Tantrum? Scientists Deconstruct The Screams.” “Deconstruct the Screams”?  Now that caught my attention – definitely worth a look.  My kids […]

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Increase Customer Retention: Don’t Send Them to the “Re-Tension” Queue!

Re-Tension: A second phase of tension that a company quickly creates for a customer who has finally decided to eliminate the first phase of tension that builds up slowly in that customer due to the company’s failure to provide good value or customer service. If you didn’t quite follow the definition above, then perhaps the […]

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